Director’s Page

This current exploration in my life has been by far the most fulfilling and finding film as my creative expression has been a true blessing. My first short film LENNON tells the story of an unhoused queer individual busking at a local coffee shop who meets a compassionate soul. This interaction turns into a unique dialogue that perpetuates one of the kindest gestures the main character has ever encountered while experiencing homelessness. It solidifies that kindness is the cure to hate and if fueled, it can have drastic implications to the unnecessary suffering in our world. I was submerged in writing, lighting, sound, wardrobe, location scouting, casting, producing, marketing and the tedious side of funding. All in all, we did it.

My latest project is called The Queer Room. The pilot episode of this documentary series was filmed in November 2023, we just finished post-production. As you will see it brings to life the necessary UNLEARNING of our cis heteronormative ways that infiltrates humans’ authenticity. Our current climate of anti LGBTQ+ bills circulating is the root of all evil. The Queer Room is a safe space to tell stories and show how human authenticity is the freedom to the purest form of existence. The queer representation in this series is not an act, it’s the queer superheroes in life advocating for all people to dismantle the homophobic ways our society currently presents as. It’s about to get REAL queer REAL quick..

Gio Headshot