My experience at Groundwork Fitness has changed me, both physically and mentally. Gio’s technical and conditioning strategy is spot on and has helped me achieve both weight loss and the development of lean muscle mass. The environment is very supportive offering a personal individual challenge for me. Things constantly change including elements of exercise, allowing for ongoing long-term physical development. I have made Groundwork Fitness a permanent part of my lifestyle commitment!  Thank you, Gio!!!  -Michael

I was introduced to Groundwork Fitness by a friend that referenced it as being a positive atmosphere. I was a recent resident of Long Beach and interested in joining a small gym that would provide me with motivation and support towards my weight loss goals. During the past year, I’ve experienced motivation, support, nutritional information and feedback on body mechanics. I’ve enjoyed the workouts and positive attitudes from trainers. I’ve lost 22 pounds, built my strength and eliminated inches throughout my whole body. My initial goal was to lose weight get support on nutrition and meet new people. Overall, I feel Groundwork Fitness has surpassed my expectations and I’m happy to be part of the Groundwork Fitness family.   -Yesi


I come here because it helps me get in shape and stay in shape, compared to what I was doing previously. I would lose my motivation but by joining classes, it’s become part of my lifestyle. We have a unique group of people here that formed a comardery and I look forward to coming here… meeting with them… working with them.  -Gene