I decided to add cross training to my regular running routine. My goals were to get definition and strengthen my IT band. Thank you Groundwork Fitness for not only toning my body and increasing my strength, but helping me reach well beyond my goals by actually convincing me to embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle both in and outside the gym! -Brittany

When I started at Groundwork Fitness I could barely do one pull up. Bear crawls were my enemy and I had to literally start from the bottom. I started as a beginner and with consistency NOW I have no problems with pull ups or bear crawls. I have a new son in my life and I’m happy to be fit, so I can keep up with him! -Todd

My wedding was my big push to truly get fit but then my goal became to maintain it. It’s been a great experience working with Gio at Groundwork Fitness. The classes help you get from a beginning level to true fitness and the gym community here is so supportive!-Kellee

When I first came to Groundwork Fitness, I was obese, sluggish, and prediabetic, and it was only getting worse. Groundwork was just what I needed! Gio sets achievable challenges, and the classes are so fun. She has helped me build a foundation of fitness I’ve never had before. I’ve made Groundwork a priority in my life, and I’ve been rewarded with 50 pounds lost. I could not have done it without Gio’s inspiring spirit and the fun and variety that Groundworks brings to each week of my life. -Chelsea

It was time for me to get serious about my health and fitness. I had ambitious goals for my birthday and I hit the gym hard for 6 months. It was the best decision as I not only hit my goals, but I went well beyond that! -Martha

My experience at Groundwork Fitness has changed me, both physically and mentally. Gio’s technical and conditioning strategy is spot on and has helped me achieve both weight loss and the development of lean muscle mass. The environment is very supportive offering a personal individual challenge for me. Things constantly change including elements of exercise, allowing for ongoing long-term physical development. I have made Groundwork Fitness a permanent part of my lifestyle commitment!  Thank you, Gio!!!  -Michael

I come here because it helps me get in shape and stay in shape, compared to what I was doing previously. I would lose my motivation but by joining classes, it’s become part of my lifestyle. We have a unique group of people here that formed a comardery and I look forward to coming here… meeting with them… working with them. -Gene

I was at a complete loss… actually literally I was lost. I was homeless, starving, ribs showing and barely any fur on my back end. I was so stressed and traumatized it was hard to show my face, I hid whenever I could. Allison Kripp introduced me to Gio… the rest is HERstory. I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been, because my new Mommy loves me so much! –Sofia Ferraro