ARTICLE #1: NEW YOU! 5 fitness tips to help you lose those pesky lingering pounds!

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New YOU!
5 Fitness tips to help you lose those pesky lingering pounds!

As a Fitness Trainer it is so important to offer easy tips to clients looking to lose weight or keep weight off. There are tricks you need to learn and information you need to know. By making simple changes you can reach fitness goals… for a New You!

1.    Find a way you like to “MOVE”. To lose the weight we need to burn the calories, so find a new interest. Get involved in a class that keeps you coming back for more. Perhaps it’s a dance class, yoga class, walking/running club, hiking team, kick boxing class, spin class, or a boot camp class. But the trick is to find something that sparks interest or at least keeps you coming back. Consistency always works when burning calories and it will add a new element to what you are already doing.

2.    A buddy system works and tends to have higher success rates in reaching fitness goals. Make a commitment with a friend, co-worker, or partner to keep each other motivated and conquer exercise together. Holding each other accountable and leaning on each other for advice is the key. These times are not always going to be easy, but having someone who is going through it with you is a great support system.

3.    Limit eating out as much as you currently do. Whenever you rely on someone to feed you, they are not looking out for your best interest or fitness goal. So eat in more and when you do have a social moment or event, ask for a doggy bag before you even get served. WHAT? Yep, that’s right… have a doggy bag ready so when your food is served you can immediately put HALF of everything in the doggy bag. Half the chicken, half the rice, half the pasta, or whatever is on the plate. This is a trick so that you don’t overeat and it makes you cut back on the excess of calories in that meal. Have the left over’s the next day for lunch. Choose fresh foods, not processed ones.

4.    NO skipping meals, period. It is all about breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also you may need a snack here and there to fill the time before your next meal. Here is the trick, don’t skip meals but also make sure you are not overeating meals. Keep those portion sizes reasonable and space them out throughout your day. Snacks should be about 100 to 150 calories only, especially if weight loss is the goal. Remember by skipping meals your body holds on to fat more, so eat right and let the fat go!

5.    There are some things you need to just cut out for a weight loss goal. No junk food, no fast food, no fried foods, no sodas, no excess of high fat or high sugary foods! If you have a sweet tooth, eat more fruits like oranges… they have natural sugars. Bake or grill more and look up healthy recipes online. The more your food comes from packaging like boxes or bags; this means its processed food. Find fresh foods more and less of the processed foods. A huge chunk of you reaching fitness goals is the food and beverages you put in your body, choose wisely!